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As a leader in multi-disciplinary engineering services, Simmons Global offer a diverse range of professional services to meet the requirements of our clients across the global. 

We provide a full range of engineering services in several engineering disciplines. Discuss your requirements with our team, call 08 9499 2000 or contact us here. 

Simmons Global's engineering team specialise in the following:

  • Project Management
  • Construction & On-site Installation
  • Client Construction Support
  • Heavy mechanical design & supply
  • Bulk materials handling
  • Fabricating specialty products
  • Custom engineering and design
  • Modular and skid mounted plant
  • Engineering (machining) and fabrication
  • Precision Engineering
  • Process Heat Transfer
  • Engineered Products
  • On-Site & Offsite  Plant Maintenance
  • Certified Plant Inspection
  • Process Heat Transfer
  • ‘Thermic’ Boilers


Simmons Global have a strong history in providing mechanical engineering services to their clients and have done so for over 10 years.

Supported by our line of heating and pressure vessels - Thermic - the team is able to provide mechanical engineering expertise to a wide range of industries from commercial to mining and everything in between.

The team have the capability to design custom equipment and solutions to best suit the client’s requirements, including bearing housing, shafts/pulleys, structural elements, drive setups and various other equipment.


In order to provide their clients with high level project execution Simmons has developed a P.M.O (Project Management Office) unit within the core business.

With a main focus on executing the scope of work granted to them, the businesses P.M.O unit allows all aspects of a project to be managed from one single point. This creates a more streamlined and efficient project execution stream.



Intertwined with our brand promise to deliver innovative solutions through 'unrestricted thinking', the business continues to remain cost effective while maintaining a high standard of safe, quality and timely products and service.

The Simmons Global approach, in its history, has been to remain open to providers around the globe to deliver to a global client-base clients the most current technologies on the market. Through this approach the business has developed a network of international workshops able to supply high quality products into relevant projects. The result has been a consistent ability to provide general work packages of structural steel, fabricated metal products and modular packages to client’s, all-the-while adhering to the Groups ethos of maintaining low service cost and high quality output.

The group’s vast experience within the industrial and commercial structural steel industry and decades of involvement in bulk material handling have developed into a delivery model capable of smoothly executing complex projects in a timely fashion.



Within The Simmons Group’s business operations is a dedicated on-site services unit. Its purpose is to provide on field construction and maintenance work on a wide range of aspects. The team has acquired a wide range of specialty trades during its operation including; mechanical fitting, boilermakers, coded welders, rigging, and scaffold, piping and general trade support.

Consistently managed by on-site parties, the unit is used for any support services relating to the scope of works The Simmons Group has been enlisted to complete.

Most recently, Simmons have engaged in shutdown works entailing the on-site fabrication and installation of infrastructure for Atlas Iron Mt Webber development. Simmons on-site services emphasis a safe, timely and effective solution to notoriously difficult conditions.